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The comments contained on these pages are those of the authors and NOT of The Buffalo History Works or its ISP - BuffNET. We reserve the right to edit all comments before they are published on this site.

G. Macbeth
I am a train fan and first saw the terminal by chance about 7 years ago. I saw the building in the distance, but had no idea what it was. We traced a route and came across this very imposing structure. There was a guard on duty,and he told us some of the details on the station,and let us have a peek inside. Quite impressive,even in that state of disrepair.

I remember Buffalo in the early 60's and to see the decline, especially downtown, has been very sad. I tell people what a busy place it was, at least in comparison to Toronto at the time. Now things are reversed, but we don't have time for history in this town, only the new is of interest to us.

The best,and least expensive thing to do at this time is to secure the place from further damage,and to hope that in the not too distant future, a valid use (and the money to pay for it)will be found.

Joe Jordan
I think it is scary as hell. A few of my friends and I went in and it traumatized me for life. I have never been more scared in my life.