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Tower 49A, 1951 section 2

June 30, 1950 was a warm, spring day. In the late morning when this recording was made, Tower 49A was as busy then as it was at any other time. As the recording begins, the endless noise of the City of Buffalo can be heard in the background, as well as some kids playing near the railroad tracks.

Another New York Central Beeliner begins this recording as train 687 runs past the tower. You will hear it blow its horn for Exchange Street as it heads toward Niagara Falls.

Next, train 383, a Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo bound for Toronto has just left Central Terminal. The engine on this train is Canadian Pacific #2465, colored in black and red. Soon after passing the tower you will hear the Hudson-type engine whistle for Exchange Street. The photograph below shows a similar train crossing Erie Street just before arriving at the New York Central's small Terrace Street station.

T.H.& B. train arriving at the Terrace.

Finally, a tower operator will announce the arrival of train PS-10, a freight on the New York Central. The L-2 Mohawk-type engine will slip its wheels as it passes the tower heading east to New York from Cleveland.

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