T. H. & B. #382 at Georgia Street

This 1953 recording features Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Train #382 again as it crosses Georgia Street near downtown Buffalo. The J-1, a Hudson-type locomotive (#502) has just left the Black Rock station and is heading toward Exchange Street. This Toronto to Buffalo train, with sleeping cars for New York, was the last train for the day on the T. H. & B. on this evening of September 9.

For many, it's hard to imagine grade crossings for these streets that ran perpendicular to Niagara Street. For me, travelling down Niagara Street from Tonawanda Street is very uneventful and very deceiving. In fact, the only "crossing" that you can see is where West Ferry Street goes underneath the railroad. But think back to a time well before major superhighways, namely the I-190. Before this busy freeway was built, every single road that by todays standards end at Niagara Street, continued well past the railroad tracks toward small communities that lived along the Erie Canal. Georgia Street was one such crossing.

For those who travel the I-190 on a daily basis, take a look at the railroad tracks as you drive alongside them. You will notice bridge girders that are encased in earth and concrete as well as tell-tale signs that the roads travelled well beyond the confines of the I-190's fences

The photograph below shows a T. H. & B. Hudson-type locomotve and tender resting on the Belt Line near Central Terminal.

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