The Buffalo History Works would like to express eternal gratitude to the following individuals for the use of photographs and other materials. Without you, history would have died at the source. Thanks for sharing your resources!

Western New York Heritage Institute
Fred Lavin
Steve Gattuso
Thomas Blake
Aaron T. Heverin
The Wilcox Mansion -- Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site
The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
The Library of Congress: Early Films Collection
Ohio State University: McKinley Page
The Emma Goldman Papers
Biographical Sketch of Emma Goldman
William McKinley: The McKinley Middle School Home Page

The following printed materials were used for this site:

The Illustrious Life of William McKinley, Our Martyred President.
by Murat Halstead

Symbol and Show: The Pan-American Exposition of 1901
By Austin M. Fox, Illustrations by Laurence McIntyre
? 1987, Meyer Enterprises

The Official Guide to the Pan-American Exposition

The Ins and Outs of Buffalo, New York -- 1901

A Souvenir of Buffalo and Niagara Falls and the Great
Pan-American Exposition

Around the Pan with Uncle Hank
By Thomas Flemming, ? 1901

The Pan-American Exposition
Vol. 6 of the Adventures in Western New York History Series
By Isabel Vaughan James
? 1961, Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society

Buffalo: Lake City on Niagara Land
By Richard C. Brown & Bob Watson
? 1981, Windsor Publications

The Buffalo Courier, The Buffalo Evening News, The Buffalo Times
Various editions from May-September, 1901

A big THANK YOU to everyone!

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