Jack Mahl, "Your Atlantic Weatherman"


Jack Mahl, best known as WGR-TV’s "Atlantic Weatherman," began his career as a special events announcer with the American Forces Radio Network during World War II. After being discharged in 1946 he joined WHLD in Niagara Falls and soon moved over to WKBW where he hosted "Spotlight Serenade." Mahl’s next stop was WGR where he was joined the station’s announcer staff. Mainly anchoring news, Mahl occasionally substituted for John Lascalles and Bill and Reggie Keaton. In 1954 Mahl joined the pioneer staff of WGR-TV where he later became famous as the station’s late news weatherman. Decked out in a gas station attendant’s uniform, Mahl ended his weather segment with a quick salute and his famous saying, "That’s All From Mahl." In the 1970’s Jack joined the staff of Newsradio 970 where he continues to anchor top of the hour newscasts (1999).

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