Young & Old Alike Get Into Trouble

At the beginning of what the media now refers to as the "Fabulous Fifties", people were still getting into trouble. It wasn't only the impetuous youth, the poor, or the troublemaker; it could be the innocent visitor, unfamiliar with the community. This story appeared in 1951.

William J. Ewart, newly arrived from Scotland to visit his son and family at 260 West Hazeltine Ave., decided to send a letter to the folks at home. Mr. Ewart is 87 years of age, but likes his daily stroll, so he set out to find a mail box. This was last Friday afternoon. At Elmwood Ave. and West Hazeltine he saw a red box, much to the same in appearance as those used by the royal mail service in Scotland. Mr. Ewart tried to open the box by pulling on the handle. The mail man didn't come but two fire companies did, also 50 volunteers and countless hordes of children on bicycles. Fire Marshall Raymond Kirsch explained the American way of life to Mr. Ewart and all hands went home happy.

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