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Site Creditspage. This project would not have been possible if not for the valuable contributions of several individuals and I must pay tribute to them and thank them for all their help.

Thank you and enjoy!
Aaron Heverin

The site you are about to view was originally designed to appear in a book. What began in the spring of 1991 as a literary history of the rail industry in Buffalo soon became a tremendous base for a three hour television documentary. The history of Buffalo's railroads had never been done before either in book or video format, and we felt we really had something special in the works. However, due to severe cuts in the production's budget and the withdrawl of support from our local public television station, the Past Tracks project was put on hold in the fall of 1994.

After sitting on a shelf gathering dust and countless questions as to the status of the project, Past Tracks was resurrected as an Internet presentation just to keep the history of one of Buffalo's major industries alive and well. The producers felt that while the hunt for funding continued, the documentary would be better served on the Internet where countless people could see it as a "work in progress".

What you are about to read is the reworked script for the first hour. I say reworked because it was originally written to coincide with visuals -- mainly movies and thousands of still photographs that, for obvious size and bandwidth reasons, simply can't be put on line.

To navigate this site, use the icons that appear to the left of your browser window. Each icon corresponds to the particular chapter in the script. If for any time you wish to return to the home page, please click on the Past Tracks logo at the top of the window. Also, please visit the