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Site Credits

I would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for thier donation of photographs, maps, movies and other materials to this project. Without the help of these fine individuals, historical knowledge would not exist and those of us who are always striving for information would remain ignorant. You have shared so much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Western New York Heritage Institute
Edward Patton & Paul Redding

Western New York Railroad Historical Society
Joe Kocsis & Greg Jandura

National Railway Historical Society
Jim Van Brocklin, Al Kerr, Bill Kessel and Geoff Gerstung

The Butler Library at Buffalo State College

The Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society

The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Lower Lakes Marine Historical Society
Michael McCarthy

The following individuals provided materials and information to the project. I was lucky enough to interview all of the people here and believe me, it was honor to hear about their career. Without them, we'd still be on the "Prologue". Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Eddie Bartnicki
Thomas Blake
Jim Davis
Rev. Edward Dunn
Wesley Fuqua
Fred Furminger
Dick Goodrich
Dr. David Gerber
Ken Kraemer
K-Val Hobbies, Buffalo, New York (Robert Shue)
Steve Koenig
Paul Klees
Art Lica
Al Leteste
Tom Mulaniff
John M. Prophet
Rita Pinto (West Seneca Historical Society)
William Reddy
Joseph Reed
Marvin Rapp
Conrad Scheurle
Gordon Thompson
Matt Wronski
Jim Young
Gene Zasada

The following railroads provided access to their archives and property for filming. Thank you!

Jim Nagle (Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority)
Norfolk Southern Corporation (Skip Steigle, Gary Gerber)
Conrail Corporation
The Arcade and Attica Railroad

Putting a documentary like this together is impossible without the right crew. From videographers to sound recordists, from still photographers to script writers, this project is indebted to the following talented individuals:

Tami Coleman Coniglio
Michael Fornasiero
Martin Kaufman
Teresa Ravencraft
Chuck Roberts
Michael Sulkowski
Chris Thomas
Thomas McCray
Steven Gattuso

This project is dedicated to the memory of the late Albert Kerr, William Kessel, and John M. Prophet.

Thank you for your knowledge and generosity.