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Download the Buffalo, 1902 Map(28 meg)
Download the MrSid Viewer (PC Version only)(2.1 meg)
Photograph 69
Buffalo 1902 map

The next two installments of the Buffalo History Works' Photograph Collection will feature two spectacular maps of Buffalo from the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress.

The first is a map of Buffalo from 1902. This map is unique in that it features a semi three-dimensional "birds-eye" view of the city with exquisite details in buildings, streets and railroad track layout. The map was originaly published in Newark, New Jersey in 1902 by the Landis & Alsop Publishing Company.

In order to view the map to its fullest degree, you will need to download it to your computer (28 meg) as well as the MrSid Viewer (2.9 meg). In order to make viewing the map easier - or the next map which will be available in the following installment of the Photograph Collection - it is recommended that you download both the maps and the viewer to the same directory. Once installed, you will be able to zoom in and out as well as scroll around the map in 4 directions. The detail is incredible as you will be able to zoom in on individual buildings and details. Keep in mind that BOTH of these files will be lengthly downloads especially for those with slower internet connections, but once you see what the map has to offer you'll find that it was worth the wait. As a research tool, the map is invaluable.

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