Photograph 68
Buffalo Mounted Police parade on Delaware Avenue: 1953.

This view - from around 1953 - shows Buffalo's Mounted Police Force in a parade on Delaware Avenue at the corner of North. What's really great is the old Howard Johnson's Restaurant in the background. I remember going to the Ho-Jo's when I was a child for a sundae made from the "thousands" of ice cream flavors, or the pancakes with blueberry syrup. My grandparents lived very close so a weekend sleep-over almost always involved breakfast at the Howard Johnson's.

Unfortunately, Howard Johnson's became a casualty from the introduction of Denny's, Perkins and many other family type restaurants.

Now, the property at 650 Delaware Avenue is occupied by... you guessed it.. A WALGREEN'S! Yay!! At least the community gave Walgreen's a hard time about building in that location. Given the fact that this section of Delaware contains the most beautiful mansions this side of Newport, Walgreen's was forced to build according to strict architectural standards so that it blended well with the surrounding buildings.

Very special thanks to Bob Deinhart for supplying this photograph. Used with permission.