Photograph 52
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Sattler's jinglefrom 1955.
Here is a view of the 900 block of Broadway Avenue showing one of Buffalo busiest shopping districts. On the left is Sattler's Home Store Annex with the Discount House next door. A familiar site to all is a little further down the street at 999 Broadway - the Broadway Market.

Across the street from the Market, at "good 'ol 998", is Sattler's main store. Sattler's was the department store in Buffalo until it "ceased to be" in the late 70s. A Kmart occupies the property today.

Sattler's wasn't the only attraction either. Close by was Posmantur's, Kobackers, and Morrisons. Sadly, the area is now a portrait of decay and neighborhood neglect. Most if not all of the once bustling businesses have closed or moved away. The district barely hangs on with the Broadway Market being the only major attraction. The area just isn't as safe as it once used to be.

But in 1961, when this photograph was taken, the 900 block of Broadway Avenue was like the Galleria Mall of the 90s; busy and very profitable.

Photograph courtesy of the Martin Biniasz collection.

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