Photograph 47
Here is a view of the Food District in downtown Buffalo as it appeared in the early 1960s. Beyond the I-190, you can see the Booth Fisheries building, the Fairmont Foods building, the Elk Street Food Terminal, and the National Terminal and Refrigerating Company. This was where a majority of food and produce entered Buffalo either by way of freight train or truck.

Today, the Booth Fisheries Building can be recognized by the Coffee Rich signs painted into the brick. The building is abandoned and is in a terrible state of disrepair (What else is new in Buffalo?) Fairmont Foods still exists.

Look closely and you will see the bridge carrying Michigan Avenue over Exchange Street peak its way through the mass of buildings. Immediately to the left of Michigan Avenue is the old Erie Railroad depot as it was being used by a trucking and freight company. You can still see many freight cars on the Erie's tracks parked alongside Exchange Street. The building in the right foreground is the old Federal Building/Post Office - now used by ECC City Campus.

What's really incredible is that all along the top of this photograph, which is the area into the First Ward, all you see are trees! In fact, Downtown Buffalo was loaded with trees at one time. Imagine that!

This picture was one of several in a series of aerials taken from the Liberty Bank building. Today, this view is almost devoid of buildings but construction has begun on Exchange Street to reuse the land that was once occupied by either the railroads or other buildings that have long since been torn down. Seems to me that if they just left things alone in the first place.....