Photograph 45
This view, from the 1960s, is very similar to a photograph in a previous entry of the collection. The Upper and Lower Terraces still clinging to some sort of industrial identity. Taken from the 1913 New York Telephone Company Building, this photograph shows Erie Street as it heads down toward the river. Two of Buffalo's boat slips still exist - one is hosting a lake freighter. The elevated section of the 190 can be seen in the background. The billboard that can be seen just above the cathedral advertises Simon Pure beer - a locally brewed favorite.

Immediately behind the elevated roadway you can see the remnants of the freight sheds that were used by the old Buffalo and Niagara Falls Railroad when their station was located on Erie Street, parallel to the Erie Canal. Of course, the Canal had been filled in years earlier thus allowing the 190 to be built on top.

Today, this entire area is used by the studios of WNED TV and its respective parking lots. I wonder if an archaeological dig was ever done on the site before the studios were constructed? Probably not.