Photograph 44
Another spectacular aerial view of Buffalo. This one shows the General Mills plant and elevators along with the Dakota elevator to the immediate left. This photograph, from the 1950's, depicts a Buffalo River still filled with lake freighters delivering grain to the many elevators along the river's banks. The freighter in the bottom right is about to dock at the Connecting Terminal elevator just out of the picture.

The old Michigan Street draw bridge is seen in the middle of the photograph along with the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western terminal at the foot of Main Street. You can see the entire complex including the train sheds and it's quite interesting to notice the abundance of buildings along South Park Avenue. The Memorial Auditorium can bee seen in the upper left corner of the picture along with the old Lehigh Valley depot and train sheds.

Notice the overhead bridge that carried D.L.& W. engines from the elevated track out to the coal docks that are now part of Erie Basin Marina. Compare this view to the one seen in Picture 16. Quite a different Buffalo. This is one of those photographs that you can stare at for hours and still see new details every time.