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Photograph 43
Located at the corner of Main and Edward Streets was one of Buffalo major concert halls. Known simply as The Music Hall, this ornate structure was built in 1887 to replace another hall that burned two years earlier. Owned by the German Young Men's Association, The Music Hall was a major attraction for citizens wishing to take in a concert or lecture. This building served as the major hall for theatrical venues during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was home to the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra.

The photograph below shows the ornate interior of The Music Hall.

Directly behind The Music Hall is the Cyclorama Building. This round structure served as an exhibition hall for three dimensional panoramic works of art. Opening in 1888 with "Jerusalem on the Day of the Crucifixion," the Cyclorama Building served as a major attraction in the City of Buffalo until 1910 when it began to serve a variety of different purposes; among them a livery stable, a roller skating rink and a taxi cab garage.

The Cyclorama Building still stands today but The Music Hall was demolished long ago to make way for another one of Buffalo's primary urban renewal projects; a parking lot.

For more detailed information on the Cyclorama Building, visit the home page for the Law Offices of Joseph C. Grasmick who used the building as their headquarters. Their address is