Photograph 42
Funny how history repeats itself, isn't it? This is one of those entries where I get to sermonize. For those of you who don't live in Buffalo currently, or for those who don't remember the time when this image was taken, this photograph from the mid 40s demonstrates the concept of seriously late people are in waking up and smelling the coffee way too late in their lives. Actually, I'm referring to people in office.

This images shows a beautiful sunny day at the entrance to the Buffalo Zoo on Parkside Avenue. When this picture was taken, the Zoo's entrance on Parkside had been the main gate since the Zoo opened. As time went on, the powers that be felt that the entrance should be on the side of the Zoo grounds -- next to the parking lot off Jewett Parkway, or behind the Zoo -- along Delaware Park. Recently, as of the past few years, the entrance has been put back to where it was before -- along Parkside. Why change it in the first place? It must have been a "70s" thing.

The Number 9 trolley has just discharged some eager passengers who will spend the day at the Zoo. For the longest time, the Zoo has been a major attraction to young and old alike although its future is clouded in mystery and uncertainty. That's another sermon.

If you look carefully you will see the "rest of this story". In this photograph, Parkside is lined with hundreds of trees. In the last week of April, 1998, a major undertaking was going on to replant the trees on Parkside along the outer perimeter of the Zoo grounds. While this is a great achievement and something that is certainly overdue, why weren't the old trees just left alone?

Special thanks to the late Albert Kerr for having the vision to take this photograph. It's Al's way of saying, "See! I told you so!"