Photograph 40
Here is a view that may be familiar to some North Buffalo residents. It is the early 1940s and Buffalo is in the middle of one of its infamous winters. This view, looking north up Parkside Avenue at the corner of Florence, is not all too different to this day.

The section in which the tracks were located is now a pull off area right next to the club house in Delaware Park. More familiar is the small playground that can be seen right from Parkside. With the current volume of traffic that Parkside holds today, can you imagine sharing the road with an active trolley line?

This corner was a major stopping point for people riding the trolley into downtown Buffalo. In fact, the Number 9 Metro Bus follows pretty much the exact route that the Number 9 trolley did. I was told by the man who took this photograph, Albert Kerr, that for the longest time he was able to find tokens buried in the grass and mud surrounding the stop.

Al shot hundreds of photographs of the trolley system in Buffalo. While his photographs are filled with images of Buffalo's nonexistent transit system, they also captured scenes of the city's neighborhoods as life continued forward. Sadly, Al passed away several years ago and is greatly missed.

This photograph is courtesy of the Albert Kerr Collection, Niagara Frontier Chapter, National Railway Historical Society.