Photograph 38
Chuck Maley took this photograph when the Terminal was being destroyed primarily by water rather than vandals. The main clock still stands surrounded by a flood of water. The news and information stands still remain intact as does the lighting fixtures on the walls and ceilings (the hungry souvenir hunters haven't removed everything yet). Chuck was very lucky to have been in the Terminal in March of 1991 when he took this photograph. Very soon after, the vandalizing blitz began. Today, the clock is gone, the stands have all but been demolished, the lights are gone, and virtually every window has been broken leaving the building open to further wind and water exposure.

Chuck's composition in this remarkable photograph is breathtaking. He took the picture while standing on the balcony above the ticket windows and does a great job showing the destruction in progress. It's a pleasure to share the photographs of this talented individual with everyone. He took many more and we hope to post them soon.