here. The photograph you will see was taken sometime in the 1920s and shows the waiting room in all its splendor. Truly the absence of this magnificent structure is Buffalo's loss.

Keep in mind that the train sheds of the station still stand as the car barns of the NFTA Rapid Transit System.

Photograph 36
Out of every photograph in my collection, this one is by far my favorite for its composition and strong power to tell a story.

It is the early 1970s and the Skyway bridge looms over the Buffalo Waterfront. How sad that the view is looking out the window of the decrepit Delaware, Lackawana and Western railroad station at the foot of Main Street. When the building was abandoned in 1963, it was immediately and savagely attacked by vandals, vagrants and people with complete disregard for an architectural treasure. I have been told that the state of the station, when it was demolished in 1979, was worse than the current state of Central Terminal. Impossible to believe.

This view is looking out the massive window of the station's waiting room. However, it was not always in this condition as you will see by clicking