Photograph 34
This is a view of Tonawanda Street looking toward Niagara Street, March 16, 1923. To the left of the photograph is the old Pratt and Letchworth plant, to the right, the New York Central tracks leading to the Black Rock Station and the Tonawanda Street Freight House. To those living in the area, or for those passengers who took a train out of Black Rock, the area rang with the unmistakable sound of the stamping operation that happened at the plant. The loud clanging of metal on metal was a constant companion.

Today, the view has not completely changed. Although Pratt and Letchworth has closed its doors, the building still stands and the tracks that lead up to the plant's warehouse still cross Tonawanda Street. The Central's Black Rock Freight House is still standing although the interior space has been divided into separate sections. The station was demolished long ago.