Photograph 32
Buffalo's other "square" was Shelton Square. Located at the intersections of Main, Niagara, Church and Erie Streets, Shelton Square was considered to be one of Buffalo's more prominent business districts.

To the left you can see St. Paul's Cathedral with the Prudential Building just behind the cathedral. Across from St. Paul's is the Erie County Bank Building and behind that was the D. S. Morgan Building. It is humorous to note that located on the top floor of the Prudential Building was Buffalo's Weather Bureau! Considering what time of year it is in Buffalo at the time of this writing, I wonder if the methods of determining Buffalo's snowfall were at all accurate when this turn of the century photograph was taken.

Today, Shelton Square is only a pale shadow of its former self. It's almost impossible to view it in this capacity due to the fact that the area is surrounded by high-rise office buildings. However, St. Paul's Cathedral and the Prudential Building remain as a monument to an era when scenes like this were prolific in the Queen City.