Photograph 28
Some may remember it as Civic Stadium while others referred to it as "The Rockpile". Most people knew it as War Memorial Stadium and it was home to the Buffalo Bills (yes really) and the Buffalo Bisons. The Bills played at the Rockpile at the start of their franchise in 1960 while the Bisons were "forced" to play there as a result of Offerman Stadium being torn down.

While the stadium was never meant to host baseball, the Bisons and other teams packed the seats with thousands of baseball fans. The charm of the stadium was noticed by Hollywood when Robert Redford came to town back in 1985 to film "The Natural." Were YOU one of the extras?

War Memorial continued to be the home of the Buffalo Bisons until 1988 when baseball came to downtown Buffalo with the opening of Pilot Field. The old Rockpile went the course of many of Buffalo's grand structures; a lot of good ideas, but no visionaries to see them through. Most of the stadium was torn down, but a portion of the field remains as a sporting complex for local schools.

This photograph was sent in by Charles Maley.