Photograph 21
This picture is another example of a prime location in Buffalo that everyone should know, but once they learn wher it is, can't believe it when they see it. Picture yourself standing on Church Street at the corner of Bingham. The Buffalo Hilton would be on your right and WKBW's studios would be in front of you to the left and the old Buffalo Gas Works would be on your immediate left.

Back in the mid 1930s, when this photo was taken, Church Street shared its pavement with the New York Central Railroad. This train has just pulled out of the Terrace station is about to head out on the tracks that still exist along route 190. In the background you can make out County Hall and the Court House. Soon, this "above-ground" route was eliminated when the Central built the tunnel that took the tracks under Erie and Main Streets. The only station left is the small brick building on Exchange Street used by Amtrack.

Photograph courtesy of John M. Prophet.