Photograph 18
This is a view of the Michigan Street bridge as it crosses over Exchange Street. I can't tell you the exact date of the photograph, but I can guess that it's sometime in the late 1930's. If you follow the bridge across Exchange Street, you can see the old Erie Railroad depot just off to the right of the bridge. Do a little detective work and you can estimate the date of this picture just by the fact that the Erie railroad abandoned the depot in 1935 and it was then taken over by the National Carloading Corporation until it burned to the ground in 1946.

It's odd to see buildings and cars parked on Exchange Street. You can see why the street was called "Railroad Alley" back in the good old days even though the tracks in this photograph are all but gone. You can make out some of Buffalo's skyline faintly in the background.

In the foreground is a ramp that brought cars up and over from Scott Street. Now it's just a straight run.