Photograph 17
If this were 1901 and you were to stand on the steps of the Delaware Park Casino and look out towards what would eventually become the Scajaquada Expressway -- Route 198 -- this is the view you would see. Instead of the expressway cutting Deleware Park in half, you would see the splendor of Frederick Law Olmstead's design, complete with the Pan-American Exposition looming over the trees.

To the left, just out of the view of the photograph, would be (and still is) the New York State Building, or the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. The Triumphal Bridge is plainly seen in the middle. The dome of the U.S. Government Building appears to the right of the photograph. The small building on the far shore is the Life Saving Building.

Unknown to most of us, Delaware Park Lake was a haven for park-goers in the summer and winter months. Everything from boating, fishing, skating and just plain old resting were popular activities to all that visited the park.