Photograph 16
This spectacular view shows the Buffalo waterfront looking up Main Street sometime in the early 1900's. To the left of the picture (follow the train tracks and passenger cars.) is the first attempt at a passenger depot by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad. The tracks ran down what was then part of Ohio Street which later became South Park.

The D.L.& W. had a very colorful history in Buffalo and caused much grief to those who used the roads in the lower Main Street area. The railroad was notorious for claiming "squatter's" rights when it came to laying their trackage. If there was a location they needed to get to, they just put track down -- right on the street! The public be damned.

Eventually, their main depot would be constructed on the location that is right in the lower middle of the photograph. This is where the NFTA has their train sheds for the rapid transit system.