Photograph 15
A beautiful summer day in North Buffalo and the Number 9 Trolley is about to swing off Parkside Avenue and on to Hertel Avenue. See if your sharp eye can catch the signs for Van Slyke's Pharmacy on the right and what will become Tronolone's Atlantic Service Station on the left. Behind Van Slyke's is Klaiber's Delicatessen.

How different it is to see a view such as this; a cop on the beat, huge trees lining the street, and a sign that says "Car Stop" instead of "Bus Stop". Sadly,Van Slyke's closed many years ago and all the trees were either killed by disease or cut down. Tronolone's is still in business but the quaintness that his corner saw is long since changed. Gone but not forgotten.

This picture is from the late 1940's and is from the collection of Albert Kerr and the Niagara Frontier Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.