President McKinley Shot While at Reception at Temple of Music!
Bulletin From Physicians
Latest Bulletins (Grasping for News)
Secret Service Man Tells of Anarchist's Deed
Leon Czolgosz -- Another View of the Assassination
The Death of William McKinley

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In the late afternoon of September 6, 1901, the city of Buffalo, New York, was thrust into the spotlight for what some would call the "Queen City's Darkest Moment in History."

While attending the Pan-American Exposition, President William McKinley was assassinated at a reception in the Temple of Music. Suddenly, the dark clouds of despair fell on the Exposition and began to ruin all the good that the great fair stood for. Some historians claim that this heinous crime was the beginning of Buffalo's downfall.

This page contains numerous articles regarding the assassination and the events that followed.

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