856- 1834- 2855- 3144Bailey Avenue

392Best Street

171- 901- 1650Broadway Avenue

29- 142West Chippewa


2320- 2944Delaware Avenue (Photo)

1040East Delevan

24West Eagle

169Ellicott Street

516Elmwood Avenue

935West Ferry (Commissary)

385- 1387- 2385Fillmore Avenue

599- 808Genesee Street

1338Hertel Avenue

1316Jefferson Avenue

248- 1001- 1390- 1528(Offices) - 1578- 1857- 1955- 2948- 3292Main Street

403Michigan Avenue

340Military Road

219- 1116- 1159- 1615- 2801Niagara Street

60- 741- 1670- 2222- 2447Seneca Street

48- 309- 2132South Park

389- 609Washington Street

426- 771William Street

Our Menu Title There's a Deco near you!

Deco Restaurants dotted the city of Buffalo much like a McDonalds or a Burger King does today. Most were strategically located near trolley stops, railroad depots or large businesses. Deco had two peak periods in its history; the mid '30s and the early '50s. Contained in this page is a complete listing of every Deco Restaurant in the Buffalo area as taken from both the 1930 and 1950 City Directories. Worthy of note is the fact that some of the locations from the 1930 directory were either closed or moved to a new location.

By clicking on each location's address, you will see a map showing the spot where the Deco stood as well as the surrounding area. Keep in mind that each location is approximate to the map since very few of the original buildings still exist. By doing a little detective work you might be able to determine as to what reason a particular Deco was located where it was. For example, the one at 48 South Park serviced the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad depot, and the one at 1437 Clinton Street serviced the Clinton-Bailey farmer's market. Black dotted lines indicate railroad tracks.

Unfortunately, photographs of each location are rare.

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