1Bethlehem Steel Co. Dock (not shown) 25Lehigh Valley Ore Dock 49Electric Elevator 74The Cowles Lenahan Dry Dock Co. Wharf
2Bethlehem Steel Co. Dock (not shown) 26Lehigh Valley Soft Coal Dock 50American Elevator (Russell-Miller Milling Co.) 75New York Central Freight House
3Bethlehem Steel Co. Dock (not shown) 27Lehigh Valley Hard Coal Dock 51Lake and Rail Elevator Wharf 76Delaware, Lackawana & Western Passenger and Freight Station
4Hanna Furnace Corporation (not shown) 28Seneca Elevator 52Marine A Elevator 77Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co.
5Pennsylvania Railroad Coal and Ore Dock (not shown) 29Pillsbury Flour Mills (warehouse) 53Kelley Island Lime and Transport Co. 78Buffalo & Crystal Beach Corporation Wharf
6Great Lakes Portland Cement (not shown) 30Pillsbury Flour Mills (wharf) 54Dellwood Warehouse & Elevator Co. 79Reliance Elevator
7Canadian Pool Elevator (not shown) 31Mutual (Great Northern) Elevator 55Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. 80Monarch Elevator
8Canadian Pool Elevator (not shown) 32Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg Coal & Iron Ore Co. 56Cargill Superior Elevator 81Buffalo Flour Mill Corporation
9Ford Motor Company 33Buffalo, Rochester & Pittshburg Coal Dock 57Concrete Central Elevator 82Delaware, Lackawana & Western Railroad Wharf
10Municiple Piers (south pier and slip) 34Washburn-Crosby Milling Corp. 58Republic Steel Corporation Wharf 83Cleveland and Buffalo Transit Wharf
11Municiple Piers (north pier and slip) 35Frontier Elevator 59Republic Steel Corporation Wharf 84Great Lakes Transit Corporation Wharf
12Buffalo Marine Construction 36Dakota Elevator 60Republic Steel Corporation Wharf 85New York Central Railroad freight house
13United States Government Dock 37Great Eastern Elevator 61McColl-Frontenac Oil Co. 86Seneca Washed Gravel Corporation Dock
14Connecting Terminal Railroad Warehouse C Dock 38Marine B Elevator 62Republic Steel Corporation Wharf 87Riley Dry Dock Co.
15Connecting Terminal Railroad Elevator 39Old Cleveland & Buffalo Wharf 63Standard Oil Co. of New York 88Erie Basin Barge Canal Terminal Pier No. 2
16Connecting Terminal Warehouse B Dock 40Kellogg Elevator 64Great Lakes Dredge & Dry Dock Co. 89Erie Basin Barge Canal Terminal Pier No. 1
17Great Lakes Towing Dock 41Spencer Kellog & Sons Dock 65Michigan Limestone & Chemical Wharf 90Philadelphia & Reading Coal Dock
18Union Dock Warehouse 42G. L. F. Elevator 66Buffalo Union Furnace 91G. J. Meyer Malt & Grain Corp.
19Russell-Miller Milling Co. (American Elevator) 43Buffalo Dry Dock Wharf 3 67Nesbit Elevator 92Buffalo Gravel Corp.
20West Shore Dock 44Buffalo Dry Dock Wharf 2 68Ohio Street Flour House 93Gravel Products Corporation Dock
21New York Central R.R. (Ashtabula & Buffalo Ore Dock) 45Buffalo Dry Dock Wharf 1 69Uplake Freight House 94American Radiator Dock
22Erie Railroad Yard and Coal Testle Dock 46Ganson Street Freight House 70Buffalo Gravel Corporation Dock 95Buffalo Gravel Corporation Dock
23Buffalo Freight Terminal & Warehouse Co. (1 westbound) 47Minnesota Ore Dock 71Buffalo Gravel Corporation Dock 96Seneca Washed Gravel Corporation Dock
24Buffalo Freight Terminal & Warehouse Co. (2 eastbound) 48Huron Portland Cement 72Gravel Products Corporation Dock 97Frontier Oil Corporation Dock
73The Mann Brothers Co. Dock 98Wickwire-Spencer Steel Corporation Dock
99New York-Ontario Ferries Landing