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This section contains various samples of Buffalo Broadcasting's "Cream of the Crop" radio personalities. All of the sound files in this section, are presented in Windows Media format.

The Buffalo Broadcast Pioneers would like to thank the many individuals who have contributed recordings of these personalities in order to make this page possible. Without these recordings, many of which were made on wire, early reel to reel or cassette, the legacy of these talented individuals who made a mark on Buffalo broadcasting would be lost forever. These recordings let you hear and feel what Buffalo radio was all about - fun, exciting, informative, and "rockin!"

To hear a sample of Buffalo Broadcasting history, click on any of the links below.

Al Meltzer & Jack SharpeWEBR AM-970, January 6, 1961. Meltzer introduces Sharpe who then delivers a TrafficCopter report.
Bob Wells - "Hi Teen"September 26, 1959 - Bob Wells broadcasting live from the Dellwood Ballroom on Main Street during one of his "Hi Teen" shows.
Clint BeuhlmanThe "Nice and Easy" voice of WBEN's morning man from 1943-1977, is heard in this air check from April 23, 1978 during a brief comeback.
Ed TucholkaA segment from Ed's broadcast in 1943. This was a period in broadcast history when the majority of the music aired was performed live in the studio.
Fred KlestineFrom the station "First in Stereo", here's a segment of Fred as heard on WADV-FM, 106.5. The station's format featured Jazz, Big Band, Lounge, and Polka music.
George "Hound Dog" Lorenz -1This Hound Dog segment, on WKBW-AM 1520 in 1959, shows how powerful he was at bringing Rock & Roll to the airwaves of Buffalo, NY.
George "Hound Dog" Lorenz -2This is a segment of the Hound's "Saturday Night Rock & Roll Memory Time" broadcast from WKBW-AM 1520 in the early 1960s.
Jackson ArmstrongThere was perhaps no other radio program in the history of Buffalo Broadcasting quite like the "Jack Armstrong Experience" on WKBW-AM 1520. This aircheck is from April 12, 1972.
Jeff KayeThis air check features Jeff Kaye during his first show on WKBW-AM 1520 in March of 1966. Listen closely and you'll hear Jeff accidently give the call sign of WBZ at his first turn on the mic!
Larry BrownellFrom WKBW-AM 1520, here is a segment of the Larry Brownell show as heard in 1960. This clip also features a great WKBW jingle.
Lucky PierreFrom 1957, here is a brief clip of WBNY's Lucky Pierre. This clip also features WBNY's "1300" jingle.
Tom ShannonThis aircheck, from July 24, 1961, gives you a small idea as to what the "Tom Shannon Show" sounded like. Also included are ads for S & H Greenstamps, Iroquois Beer, and a WKBW jingle.
Buffalo Commercials -1Featured are spots for Lucky Urban Bargain Stores, Utica Club Beer, Iroquois Beer, Crystal Beach, and Pepsi Cola.
Buffalo Commercials -2Featured are spots for Chipsteaks, Acme Markets, Buffalo Raceway, Bob & Ray for Tops Market, and Gioia Macaroni products. Also included in the montage is the "Boost Buffalo" spot.
Sattlers JingleHere is one of Sattlers Department Store's famous jingles. The store itself was located at 998 Broadway Avenue - right next to the Broadway Market.
Danny NeaverthWKBW-AM 1520's Morning Man as heard during his show on May 24, 1976.
Frank BennyWBR-AM 550's Frank Benny as heard on April 15, 1976. During the broadcast, Frank mentioned the Buffalo Sabres playoff game.
Jim TaylorTaylor is heard on WKBW-AM 1520 - July 24, 1969. Also featured in this aircheck is a commericial for Buffalo's famous Deco Restaurants.
Joey ReynoldsBuffalo's original "shock jock" as heard on WKBW-AM 1520, April 1, 1969. Also heard in this aircheck is Joey Reynold "Four Seasons" flavored theme song. NOTE! This is a very large file. Please allow time for it to download and play.
Larry AndersonAs heard on WGR-AM 550, April 16, 1976. Larry mentions WGR's famous "Hi-Lo Jackpot" contest.
Perry AllenThe infamous Perry Allen from an aircheck of June 26, 1959. It's difficult to describe what Allen's show was like so it's best that you listen and judge for yourself.
Ron ArnoldWEBR's Ron Arnold delivers an important news flash on November 23, 1963. The reason for the interruption...President Kennedy's assassination.
ShaneThe legendary styling of Shane as heard on WGR-AM 550 during an April 12, 1976 broadcast. Where else on Buffalo radio could you hear a poetry reading over an Aerosmith tune?
Stan RobertsWGR-AM 550's morning man as heard during a Christmas week broadcast of 1978. This montage features one of Stan's "Dial-A-Joke" routines.
Col. Stoopnable & BuddThe Colonel and Budd as heard on station WMAK during a broadcast - the date unknown. The humor may be over our heads, but the duo's delivery was outstanding.
WBEN News MontageHere are some examples of WBEN-AM 930's finest news personalities in these clips from the past 40 years.
WBEN Radio PersonalitiesThese clips feature some of the best talent ever to talk into a mic at WBEN-AM 930.
Dan LezniakA segment of Lezniak's "Original Polka Ballroom" as heard on WADV-FM 106.5 - February, 1969.
K "Big" JingleA classic WKBW-AM 1520 jingle which refers to KBs personalities from the 1960s.
Danny Wants a RaiseThis is a production piece that WKBW-AM 1520 morning man put together in an effort to get a raise in pay from General Manager Herb Mendleson. It was never aired and only Danny knows if he got that raise. NOTE! This is a very large file. Please allow time for it to download and play.
Formula for Instant KBThis presentation piece was intended for the WKBW-AM 1520 Sales Department in an effort to entice new clients. It's from the early 1960s. NOTE! This is a very large file. Please allow time for it to download and play.
Rats in my RoomThis is a FLIP side of the familiar record that Danny Neaverth and Joey Reynolds released in the mide 1960s.
Sammy for the HoundSammy Davis Jr. gives a plug for George "Hound Dog" Lorenz in 1957.
Jim ConnorsAn aircheck from Jim Connors on WYLS-AM in 1974. Connors is said to be the model of the famous Harry Chapin song, WOLD.
Simon Pure -1A classic Simon Pure beer commercial from 1963.
Simon Pure -2Another classic Simon Pure beer commerical from 1963.
Polka PartyHere's a small clip of Stan Jasinski's Polka Party on WWOL-AM as heard in 1954.
WGR-AM Radio's 40thThe 40th Anniversary program featuring David Cheskin's Orchestra, Jack Gelzer, Roger Baker, and more. The program aired in May of 1962.
The Sound of the CityWEBR-AM 970's famous jingle - arranged and performed by Alan Ferguson Orchestra and The Young Americans.
WEBR HistoryA promotional piece put together for WEBR-AM 970's 50th anniversary.
WGR-TV DedicationThis was a simulcast of the festivities that occured on August 14, 1954 - the day that WGR-TV signed on the air. NOTE! This is a very large file. Please allow time for it to download and play.
Buffalo Sabres '75 SeasonA montage of highlights for the 1976 Buffalo Sabres, hosted by Stan Roberts. At that time, the hockey games were broadcast on WGR-AM 550

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